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Raffety talks about why disability isn't a tragedy or a problem but a dignified, incarnate human experience through which God is at work, calling disabled people into ministry, and transforming them for leadership.


Sermon: "From Inclusion to Justice"

Raffety draws on Mark 10:46-52 and Bartimaeus’ call to ministry to identify some lessons for congregations pursuing disability justice.

Video: How to Study Congregations

Raffety reviews the critical concepts of digital culture, the digital divide, digital ethnography, and digital reflexivity and their relationship to studying and ministering with contemporary congregations.

Raffety, joined by her daughter, Lucia, discusses her book,  From Inclusion to Justice, with Miriam Spies and Amy Panton, hosts of The Mad and Crip Theology podcast.

Video: Spiritual Loop

Raffety demonstrates the Spiritual Loop game built in Minecraft with support from disabled videogamers and their Christian communities, the Templeton World Charity Foundation, the Center of Theological Inquiry, and Glasgow-Calendonian University.

 Raffety draws on personal experience, research, and ministry to cast a vision for justice in disability ministry.

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Raffety talks with Host and Director of the Institute for Youth Ministry about her research with the Log College Project.

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Video: Sermon with Martha Haythorn

Raffety and Haythorn preach an Advent dialogue sermon on the Magnificat and disability.

Spiritual LoopVid

Raffety delivers the keynote lecture at the 2018 conference on Disability and Youth Ministry hosted by Princeton Theological Seminary’s Institute for Youth Ministry.

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Raffety, back left, seated and dressed in blazer, faces small group of four people seated in chairs and one man seated in wheelchair, front far left.

Raffety leads a small group discussion at the conference on Disability and Youth Ministry hosted by the Institute for Youth Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary, 2018.

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